Another Successful WKC Scotland Event

The WKC Scottish Open, sponsored by W M McDonald and Wincanton, unfolded as a resounding success at Braehead Arena over the weekend. This year’s event surpassed all expectations, establishing a new benchmark for excellence in martial arts competition.

With over 2000 attendees, Braehead Arena bore witness to an unparalleled showcase of martial arts talent. Competitors from diverse backgrounds converged to demonstrate their skills, elevating the standard with each strike.

“To everyone who was involved from officials, timekeepers, security, first aid, arena management team, photography, spectators, parents, and more importantly competitors, you were all magnificent.

We cannot thank you enough for your continued belief and support in our vision and if this tournament is anything to go by it will be a fantastic stepping stone/building block for our next event on the Scottish International Open Sunday 18th August 2024.”

WKC Scotland Facebook page

The upcoming Scottish International Open, slated for August 18th, 2024, promises to be another remarkable chapter in the journey of martial arts excellence.

Braehead Arena was the ideal setting for the WKC Scottish Open, boasting a spacious layout perfectly tailored to accommodate the needs of the event. Its expansive pad provided ample room for matted sections, ensuring that competitors had sufficient space to showcase their skills without constraints. The arena’s generous dimensions facilitated the seamless flow of the competition, allowing matches to progress smoothly and efficiently.

Spectators could enjoy the competition from the comfort of the stands, where they had a prime vantage point to witness the intense battles unfold on the mats, cheering on their favourite competitors. Meanwhile, those seeking a change of scenery could explore the foyer, where vendor stalls offered an array of merchandise and refreshments.

We look forward to welcoming WKC Scotland back in August for their Scottish International Open on Saturday 17th.