Cage Warriors CW171 Delivers Thrilling Action at Braehead Arena 

On Saturday, April 20th, 2024, the Braehead Arena near Glasgow City Centre played host to the exhilarating return of Cage Warriors, marking an unforgettable night of mixed martial arts (MMA) action. With a packed attendance of 3,265 enthusiastic fans, the atmosphere inside the arena crackled with energy and anticipation from start to finish. 

The choice of Braehead Arena as the venue proved to be a masterstroke. Situated just outside Glasgow City Centre, attendees enjoyed the convenience of free parking, excellent transport links, and access to numerous local amenities. The venue’s adaptability was showcased as it seamlessly transformed from its usual ice hockey setup to accommodate the thrilling spectacle of Cage Warriors. 

In less than a week, the dedicated operations team executed a remarkable transformation. They swiftly removed the ice, dismantled protective glass barriers, and installed seating arrangements to create an optimal setting for the event. The addition of rigging, the cage build, and four temporary screens further enhanced the experience, ensuring that every attendee had a clear view of the action-packed fights. 

David Sinclair, Event Manager at Braehead Arena, commended Cage Warriors for their professionalism and the electrifying show they delivered. He expressed his delight at having the organisation back in Scotland and hinted at exciting plans already in motion for their next visit in September. 

“Cage Warriors was a fantastic event to work with, the team behind Cage Warriors put on some show, after a long hiatus it was fantastic to have them back in Scotland and in our building. We thoroughly enjoyed working with them and already have plans underway for their next visit in September.” 

David Sinclair, Braehead Arena, Event Manager.

The return of Cage Warriors after an 11-year absence was met with eager anticipation, not only by fans but also by those involved in ensuring the safety and smooth operation of the event. Sarah Kernaghan, Clinical Paramedic Manager, lauded the professionalism of the organizers, stewards, and security personnel, emphasizing that the safety of attendees was paramount. 

“Although different from the usual appearance, no ice or barriers, the venue looked as impressive as always. There was an electric atmosphere of anticipation amongst the crowd, and the professionalism of the organisers, stewards and security, made the day and night go smoothly.”  

Sarah Kernaghan, Clinical Paramedic Manager, ABC Paramedic Services Ltd. 

Cage Warriors President Graham Boylan shared his enthusiasm for the event’s success, acknowledging the overwhelming support from the Scottish crowd. He revealed plans for a follow-up event on September 7th, promising even more thrilling action and introducing the highly anticipated $50,000 Prizefighter tournament. Boylan’s remarks underscored Cage Warriors’ commitment to showcasing Scottish MMA talent and solidifying its place on the global stage. 

The return of Cage Warriors to Braehead Arena not only delivered an unforgettable night of MMA action but also marked a significant milestone for Scottish MMA enthusiasts. With plans for future events already underway and excitement brewing, Cage Warriors announced their next show scheduled for September 7th, 2024, back at Braehead Arena. This announcement further ignites anticipation and signals a promising future for the vibrant world of mixed martial arts in Scotland. 

“Scottish MMA is on the rise, and Cage Warriors is going to put it on the map at the Braehead Arena!” 

Graham Boylan, President of Cage Warriors.