Cage Warriors Prohibited items

We want everyone to enjoy their visit to Braehead Arena, but for everyone’s safety we do not allow certain items into the Arena. A list is below, some of these items are subject to change dependant upon the event;

All bags larger than A3 size

Fireworks / Flares / Pyrotechnics

Airhorns or whistles

Pressurised containers such as aerosol sprays

Bottled Perfumes

Knives or weapons

Any item deemed an offensive weapon




Drugs, illegal substances, or legal highs

Laser Pens/pointers

Selfie Sticks

Laptops and other large electronic devices

Any food or drink

Signs/banners must be under A3 size without poles to be permitted into the venue. This maybe be subject to change at the request of the event organiser.


Anyone with a sign/banner within the venue that is deemed to be offensive or causing a nuisance may be confiscated and retuned at the end of the event where appropriate.

In general audio and video recording equipment and professional cameras are not permitted into events.

All bags will be searched upon entry. Bag / person searches can be carried out at any time during events if deemed necessary.

If you have a car with you, you are encouraged to take any shopping to the car to speed up entry.

Management reserve the right to refuse admission and/or eject customers from the building.

Items will not be held for safe keeping by security or Arena staff.