Martial Arts Excellence Descends on Braehead Arena with WKC Scotland

Get ready for an electrifying showcase of martial arts mastery at Braehead Arena, courtesy of WKC Scotland. Prepare to witness a thrilling spectacle as martial artists from across the spectrum, spanning Kickboxing, Freestyle, Kung Foo, Taekwondo, Low Kick, and K1, converge for an open kickboxing event like no other. 

But that’s not all – the excitement doesn’t stop there. This event isn’t just about punches and kicks; it’s a celebration of martial arts in all its forms. From the precision of weapons divisions to the elegance of KATA (forms), competitors of all backgrounds will have their chance to shine in the spotlight. 

What sets this event apart is its reputation for drawing talent from far and wide. With participants hailing from every corner of the UK, as well as from across Europe, the USA, Canada, and beyond, it’s a truly international affair. Clubs from distant locales will send their best, ensuring a fiercely competitive atmosphere that promises edge-of-your-seat action. 

Age is no barrier at this event, with competitors as young as 4 years old stepping onto the Tatami mat alongside seasoned competitors in their 50s and beyond. It’s a testament to the inclusivity and passion that drive the martial arts community, making this event a melting pot of talent and dedication. 

Mark your calendars and join us for what promises to be the UK’s biggest Tatami martial arts event. Whether you’re a seasoned martial arts enthusiast or simply looking for an adrenaline-fueled spectacle, you won’t want to miss this gathering of the best and brightest in the world of martial arts at Braehead Arena. 

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