It is the intention of Braehead Arena that the Counter Terrorism Risk Management and mitigation for its events will be effective and proportionate with the safety and security of customers and visitors a priority.

The working strategic direction and priorities for this event are:

Working together with our principal partners, we will endeavour to deliver the following strategic intentions:

·       Minimise the risk to participants, delivery partners, customers and the wider public attending these events.

·       Maximise the safety to staff deployed at the event.

·       Provide appropriate security commensurate to the threat level and the nature of the event.

·       Minimise disruption to the life of the community, including vehicular and pedestrian traffic from the event security operation.

·       Work in partnership with the Local Authority and Emergency Services and other agencies to provide a safe environment for those attending the event.

·       Provide a co-coordinated response to incidents.

All customers purchasing tickets at Braehead Arena are asked to accept the Terms & Conditions before purchasing their tickets, by ticking the box and purchasing your tickets you agree to the conditions which can be found here as well as on the ticketing site.

Safety and security of our customers has always been, and continues to be, our highest priority. We liaise regularly with officers from the government’s anti-terrorism unit to ensure that we are following Home Office guidelines and have up to date intelligence.

Where large numbers of public gather we are implementing heightened security procedures. However, because of the sensitive nature of these protocols, we cannot elaborate further on the specific details. We would ask that customers be patient and understanding where this might impact on queue times and / or the prohibition of items permitted on the premises. We will make every effort to communicate this information to customers as quickly and clearly as we can.

We take the safety and security of all our customers and visitors very seriously and our staff are trained to ensure everyone has a safe, secure, and enjoyable experience. When attending an event, please ensure you arrive in plenty of time to complete our security checks.

Our venue will be compliant with Protect Duty / Martyn’s Law and therefore will constantly be reviewing our security. More info on Protect Duty / Martyn’s Law here.

Our team
Our security staff are fully trained, professional, and approachable people that have everyone’s safety at the forefront of everything they do. You will see stewards at all areas around the venue, ready to answer any of your questions. Please cooperate with security checks and support our stewards as they carry out important work to keep us safe.
We encourage everyone attending events at our venue to remain vigilant and if you have the slightest concern about anything or anyone, please report it to our security staff who will ensure that your concerns are investigated. 

All concerns are investigated by our security team and our Event Manager.

Security checks upon arrival

To enhance the security of our venue and the customer experience, when you arrive at Braehead Arena, your ticket will be checked and scanned along with a search of belongings and person, with no exceptions. 

If you have a pacemaker fitted and have been advised you shouldn’t undergo certain security checks (i.e. security wand checks), please let the security staff know as you approach them, and they’ll use an alternative search method.

Bag policy

Please only bring essential bags to the Arena. We can not store bags or belongings brought to the Arena.

Laptops and other large electronic devices are not permitted into the venue, please see our Prohibited Items list for a more extensive list.

Gifts, although we are part of a major Shopping Centre and you may wish to purchase friends / family gifts whilst with us, we also can not relax security policies, therefore customers bringing gifts in will be subject to searching too. Food and drink gifts are subject to the same rules and you will not be allowed to bring these into the Arena. Therefore these must be left in your car / at home and exchanged away from the Arena.

Keeping you safe

To continue to keep everyone who enters the venue safe and provide the very best experience for our customers, we’ve implemented several important measures to reassure and protect everyone at Braehead Arena. These measures are implemented in accordance with the current advice and guidance from UK and local government and will be continually reviewed.

We are committed to providing a safe environment and ensuring the welfare of children, young people and adults at risk whilst in our venue. We have a safeguarding policy in place and all front line staff are trained in safeguarding.

First aid
We have dedicated first aiders at every event within Braehead Arena, we also provide first aid training to members of front-line staff.

A safe space 
Whilst live events are incredibly exciting, we also understand that sometimes they can be overwhelming. If you, or somebody you’re attending the Arena with, feels anxious or overwhelmed please let a steward or member of our staff know and they will assist you to a safe space, we have access to the Quiet room which is located within Braehead Shopping Centre. 

Ask Angela
Braehead Arena operates the Ask Angela safety initiative. So if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, would like to go home or get out of a situation, ask any member of staff or a steward for “Angela” and we will be able to get you of the situation safely and discreetly. 

Although spikings are thankfully a rare occurrence, if you feel unwell, or you see somebody who looks unwell, at the venue please report to member of staff or a steward immediately.

Intoxicated customers

Customers wishing to enter the Arena under the influence alcohol / drugs will be refused entry.

Customers who become intoxicated during an event will be requested to leave the venue.

Questions / Concerns
Braehead Arena has an Event Manager at every event, they have overall responsibility for all aspects of the event, including Health & Safety and Security within the Arena, please ask any member of staff should you wish to speak with the Event Manager. They can also be contacted in advance –